Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying something New

Several years ago I was one of those people that made siggys for other people on message boards. Never really looked at as a form of scrapbooking but it is kind of cool giving it a name. Anyway here recently one of the boards I frequent http://www.cookinupcreations.com/ began a Digital Creative Design Team. I didn't try out because well as much as I love to scrapbook I know my limitations I want to scrap because I like it not because I am committed to doing it. Who knows maybe I have commitment phobia or something. No really I just have no time.

So anyway I started searching for digital scrapbooking kits and found a few I thought I could have fun with. I downloaded some stuff and opened PSP8 which I have had for several years. I stared at it for hours over the course of a good week or 2 and I would start a page and my computer would freeze. So I would have to start all over again. I was lost in the sauce couldn't remember the basics that I knew so well so long ago. Call it age or Mommy brain or whatever it was just hard for me.

Then last night as the ideas started rolling around in my head I opened it up and went to work. Finally able to accomplish not one but 2 layouts. I was excited. I didn't forget everything after all it was just smushed in the back of my brain needing a nudge to pull it out.

I am not going to give up paper layouts because one of my favorite things about scrapbooking is collecting the tools, embellishments and the feel of the paper but I definitely will be making time to do digi layouts as well.

Here are the 2 layouts I completed last night. Please feel free to leave me comments and sign to follow me. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my work!!!


  1. I am impressed! Love the LOs. Are these digital? Beautiful work!

  2. Just actually read the post! Sorry..these digital ones are again...beautiful!