Friday, January 15, 2010

Its amazing the things you can do when you put your creativity to work

So my son had a science fair project that had to be done. Unfortunately the project he originally came home with was a little too difficult for him. We called his teacher to discuss the project and were told that he was not limited to that project he could do his project on anything he chose. So off to do research as we were beginning to run out of time as we had already spent a good part of time attempting the other one.

I talked to some people at work and the idea was thrown out there to compare temperatures of popcorn. Sounded like a pretty cool project so we rolled with it. We froze a bag or microwave popcorn. stored one in a cabinet, and stored one in the fridge. The idea was to see which one popped the most kernels.

It was a fun project and Joshua enjoyed sampling the popcorn.

Here is a picture of our finished science fair board.

Here is hoping he gets a good grade. I had fun because I got to play with my cricut. Now granted the only things using the cricut were the title and his name but Hey anytime mom gets to play with her toys she is happy lol.  And Joshua was happy because he got to eat popcorn and glue popcorn on his poster board. I will post an update to let you know what the teacher thought.

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  1. hope he gets a good grade!!! what a great idea!