Saturday, January 2, 2010

Glass Etching

Here are a few of the things I made for some of our family.

here is an etched candle holder I made for my Sister in Law. Her last name begins with a H and she loves candles. She got 2 of these with the letter H etched as well as vanilla scented candles. She was completely thrilled. And they were so simple to make. All I did was use my gypsy to creat the letter H in the Gypsy font which was already installed on the gypsy. I then cut that H at 2 inches on white contact paper so much cheaper than vinyl. I used the negative from the H and used Armour Etch cream. Waited about 5 minutes rinsed the etch cream off and Voila a beautiful custom candle holder in a matter of minutes.

I did custom beer mugs for several family members as well. With these I did fill a celephane bag with M&Ms so that the mugs were not given empty but that was just something I wanted to do. I used fun fonts, contact paper, etch cream and my cricut.  All the glass I used was bought at the Dollar tree for a dollar a piece. Can't beat a cheap but creative gift. Here you can see one of the cool etched mugs

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