Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Space

Here is where I do my crafting. I just finished reorganizing everything. Now to come up with some fun new projects.

Here is a cutting table my Mother in Law got me when I thought I wanted to Sew. I am sure she is thrilled to know I came up with another idea for it and it was definitely a well thought out gift.

I wish the lighting would have been better for this photo but I think you can get a pretty good idea of the space I have to work with. My husband built me 2 8 foot by 2 foot table that form an L shape in the room. We then tacked a curtain to the front of each of the table. This makes a great hiding spot for all the scrappy related things that make a scrap space messy. My husband also made me a really cool paper divider shelf which he attached to the underside of the desk so that my paper is easily accessible.

Last but not least here is the Antique Sewing table with an Antique Sewing Machine. I have been told this machine works but have not actually tried it. I have it more for looks than anything else. The table has been in my husband's family for quite some time and eventually I would like to finish it and find the Singer machine that actually works with the table.


  1. Awesome job with the blog! Wow I love your craft room!!!!

  2. Looks great! I have my DH's granny's old singer sewing machine too. It still works, but I would still love a new one that does all sorts of different stitches.